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The White House & The Freemasons

Chris' latest book examines the fraternity's long history with the American Presidency through stories of receptions, initiations, cornerstone ceremonies, dinners, and other activities in the White House and Washington, D.C. Spanning over two centuries, the book includes new research compiled through Masonic and non-Masonic resources including personal diaries, presidential letters, newspapers, meeting ledgers, videos, recordings, and much more. Ruli's work even highlights the many activities with non-Masonic administrations, thus producing the most definitive resource on the fraternity and the White House yet. This book is a must-read for those interested in Freemasonry, Washington D.C., and White House history.

What others are saying about The White House & The Freemasons

“Chris Ruli has assembled a work of incredible breadth that is filled with information—devoid of embellishments and hyperbole—to help both academic and Masonic researchers more accurately appreciate the long-misunderstood relationships between American presidents and the fraternity.”

CHRIS HODAPP, Editor (Emeritus) of the Journal of The Masonic Society, Associate Director, Masonic Library and Museum of Indiana.

“This book gives solid historical information and also expands on what most Freemasons think are the basic facts about the White House .... This is a great book to give to new Masons, to put in your lodge library, and to present to your community library.”

 —S. BRENT MORRIS, Ph.D., PM Patmos Lodge 70, Ellicott City, Maryland and Quatuor Coronati Lodge 2076, London, England


“Through careful scholarship, B. Chris Ruli has shed light on the often unrecognized role that the Masonic fraternity has had in the lives of the Presidents of the United States and those around them. The White House & The Freemasons should be regarded as an impressive contribution to our knowledge of American history.”

—SHAWN EYER, Editor, Philalethes: The Journal of Masonic Research and Letters.



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