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Archivum Masonicum: Papers on Masonic History

Archivum Masonicum is a limited print series that highlights noteworthy and out of print Masonic papers, meeting proceedings, and other documents with a focus on history, politics, and Masonic activities in Washington, D.C. 

Volume 1:
Albert Pike's Forgotten Manuscript

Volume 1 examines Albert Pike’s forgotten manuscript Materials For The History Of Freemasonry In France And Elsewhere On The Continent Of Europe From 1718 To 1859. Pike (1809-1891) completed his work in the mid-1870s but, despite its significance, the manuscript was never published as a standalone book. This volume reproduces Pike’s manuscript as it appeared in The New Age magazine and is a must-have for anyone interested in Albert Pike, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and European Masonic history. 

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Volume 2:
Albert Pike & the Masonic Veterans Association of DC

Established in 1879, the Masonic Veterans Association of DC (MVA) became an exclusive Masonic club for Albert Pike and his close colleagues in Washington. This volume reproduces the MVA’s earliest meeting ledgers to better understand early activities, membership, and Pike’s often overlooked commentary on mortality, friendship, and Masonic politics.

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